Jonny Auping

 et al.

Introducing a semi-regular series ranking the relative effectiveness, influence, and delirium of the NBA's two most important wing players.

For a fighter whose MMA career ended with a 17-16 record, Kevin Randleman produced more than his share of indelible moments. The latter mean a lot more than the former.

Fatal five-ways, fourth walls and three wise men. Raw Regurgitated, on the internet, just for you.

If the Slam Dunk Contest is going to get back to where it was, and into a glorious future, it is going to have to go big, get weird, and embrace Kenny Loggins' contribution to the Top Gun soundtrack. Drake, Sting, and Val Kilmer can help.

Competitive bearding? Please. Why would anyone want to grow flamboyant facial hair in the first place? Believing there was no better way to understand the competition and its participants, Hal Sundt entered.

Mark Henry becomes the World's Strongest Unicorn, Dean Ambrose turns into the World's Dumbest Wrestler and Daniel Bryan proves that he's the World's Toughest Vegan one last time. Raw Regurgitated, on the internet, just for you. 

Stan Wawrinka dresses like he's at a carnival and plays like he's at a funeral. Nobody's more aware of out of place it he is than the man himself.

Brock stops by, Dean steps up and New Day tells Rock to think of the children. Raw Regurgitated, on the internet, just for you!

The real story of how the 1996 Chicago Bulls traveled through time to play the 2016 Golden State Warriors, from the men who lived it. Except Dickey Simpkins.

The trend in the NBA, as everywhere else, is towards more efficiency. This is good for business, but not so much for people who are just trying to do their job.