The real story of how the 1996 Chicago Bulls traveled through time to play the 2016 Golden State Warriors, from the men who lived it. Except Dickey Simpkins.

The trend in the NBA, as everywhere else, is towards more efficiency. This is good for business, but not so much for people who are just trying to do their job.

Goldust gets weird(er), The Rock gets wild and The Authority gets what they want. Raw Regurgitated, on the internet. Just for you!

For the first time in the history of the Royal Rumble, one man will be defending his title against 29 other performers. About half the crowd hates that guy. What's the Worst That Could Happen? 

Nick Bond

 et al.

They can't all be winners.

The stars of tomorrow don't always pan out, but sometimes, wonderfully, they pan out in ways you would never expect. Sergi Roberto, Barcelona's new do-it-all utility man, is one such pleasant surprise.

Jericho continues to Cool Dad, The New Day keeps on keepin' on, and The Wyatts maybe not be players, but they crush a lot. Raw Regurgitated, on the internet, just for you!

Even in the under-10 demographic, Yankee fans were typically better-looking, wealthier, and more athletic than Mets fans, who tended to be chubbier or punier or, in my case, nerdier than the general elementary school population. It makes sense when you think about it. People who are accustomed to winning in real life will naturally gravitate toward the franchise that symbolizes excellence. It takes a certain amount of humility and comfort with being a loser to pull for a raggedy crew of screw-ups.

Vince & Steph style and profile, Ric & Charlotte bail, and Brock & Paul put on a show. Raw Regurgitated on the internet, just for you!

There was a moment in time when Billy Crystal was a bankable star who could make whatever movie he wanted. And he once wanted to make a rom-com about Debra Winger falling in love with a smuggish NBA ref.