Silent Nights (And Days)

We're going to take some time off for the holidays. Then we'll come back.
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Around this time last year, we were (or at least I was) preparing to welcome back the NBA and pondering what another year of All This Shit would be like. Now, for better or worse, we know: it was depressing and exhilarating, and it was awful and great (and both simultaneously), and sad and happy, and Mario Balotelli and Dwayne Schintzius were there and people carried their wives around obstacle courses and old guys remembered riding bicycles in circles for endless hours and both teams played hard and corporations tried to co-opt what wasn't theirs and stats were discarded and the Pirates were terrible and people were overstated about darts. There were fancy dogs, and tall people, and  horrifying television. Someone started an admirable minor league soccer team. It was, truth be told, all pretty good, as years go.

And it was, naturally, pretty exhausting. Years are like that. Things are like that. It's strange, maybe, that we take one of the coldest and shortest weeks of the year as our opportunity to deal with that. But we're strange, in general, and so maybe it's not strange at all. But we're going to take this week more-or-less off along with the rest of you. We'll update periodically between now and the New Year, but not on our usual schedule. After that, we'll be back at it, because why not and what else is there to do, really, but get back at it. Thank you for a great year. Enjoy, if you like, the whole Why We Watch thing, or our three-part Fire Joe Morgan conversation, or get some last-minute gifts, or do whatever else you like. We'll do our utmost to enjoy our time away, and hope you enjoy yours, too.

Photo by Yago Colas

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