Breaking Down The MLB Draft's Top Prospects

The only guide you need to the most important names in Major League Baseball's June Draft.
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The MLB Draft is, mostly, a guessing game. It takes a long time and a lot of luck to build a baseball player, and even can't-miss talents routinely miss. Scouts know this, which is why they focus on things beyond baseball's traditional measurables—the game is hard enough as it is, but the little character points that make us who we are can also separate a successful prospect from a bust. That's why we talked to scouts and put together this quick primer on the personalities—the quirks and idiosyncracies and little human grace notes—of the top prospects in this year's draft. Taken by themselves, these are not proof positive that a player will or won't make it. But, in player development, nothing happens in a vacuum.


Travis Marstock, RHP, Storton Community College

Biggest Strength: Folds napkins into swans when setting the table.
Biggest Flaw: Pronounces it "Barthelona."


Snaxon Storck, 3B, Flaming Sword Academy, Seething Springs, GA

Biggest Strength: Ardent and accomplished at-home pickler.
Biggest Flaw: Debilitating night terrors.


Bretton Woods, LHP, Rice University

Biggest Strength: One of those guys that is always posting Shiba Inu videos from Japan on Facebook.
Biggest Flaw: Constantly talks about “the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”


Griff Lakeland, RHP, Chippendale Junior College

Biggest Strength: Will join you for errands you don’t want to do alone.
Biggest Flaw: Always has one too many buttons undone on his shirts.


Berm Hillock, C, Arizona Culinary Institute

Biggest Strength: Blocked by Ricky Gervais on Twitter.
Biggest Flaw: Says “Chipotle” chip-OL-tay.


Hamden Lane, 3B, West Eastside HS

Biggest Strength: Never fails to give a "what's up" nod when you pass him on the street.
Biggest Flaw: Takes eight excruciating minutes to back out of a parking spot.


Zolander Horniquez, CF, Mossy Notch HS, Mossy Notch, FL

Biggest Strength: Has all of Sam Raimi’s movies on DVD.
Biggest Flaw: Two entire dresser drawers full of graphic tees from Old Navy.


Pratt Forpins, RF, State College University

Biggest Strength: Will spot you at the gym.
Biggest Flaw: Always asks “have you seen them live?” when listening to a song.


Fred Clarmot, C, Southeastern Fresno State

Biggest Strength: Knows how to fold a fitted sheet.
Biggest Flaw: Talks about tannins.


Bronson Crank, 1B, Chantam University

Biggest Strength: Perfect skin.
Biggest Flaw: Uses the phrase “turnabout is fair play” often, but never accurately.


Gregor Morsvat, CF, Mantaray Junior College

Biggest Strength: Makes killer smoothies.
Biggest Flaw: Tells you how many calories are in whatever you’re eating.


Danson Knuudles, SS, California State University-Tostadito

Biggest Strength: Fantastic posture, like to the point where it’s almost weird how good it is.
Biggest Flaw: Refers to celebrities by their first names, e.g. Katie Couric is “Katie.”


Field Guppie, CF, Draconian Bible Academy, Revanch, TX

Biggest Strength: Volunteers to organize Secret Santa every year.
Biggest Flaw: Thinks sandwiches are “of the devil” and rebukes them.


Traylon Crossbar, SS, Branagh School for the Arts

Biggest Strength: Can quote every line from Black Sheep.
Biggest Flaw: Reheats fish in community microwave.


Franco Mudspar, 2B, Midvale School for the Gifted

Biggest Strength: Generous tipper.
Biggest Flaw: Never says “gesundheit” when someone sneezes.


Spooner Cranberry, LF, The Pilgrim School, Palesbury, MA

Biggest Strength: Knows a surprising amount about jazz.
Biggest Flaw: Watches “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo and wants you to watch with him.


Layne Pringles, SS, Grand Lakes University

Biggest Strength: Hits play at exactly the right time when fast forwarding through commercials.
Biggest Flaw: Claims he is gluten-intolerant but isn’t.


Furman Wofford, RHP, Coastal Carolina University

Biggest Strength: Happy to let you use his parents’ place by the lake for the weekend.
Biggest Flaw: Believes in the gold standard.

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